Make your human resource management processes without any trouble.

Design your human resource processes without the need of a professional.

WSPAN BPO HRM can manage all the human resource related activities from the recruitment till there exit. It can also handle your personnel-related processes, administer payroll, offer employee self-service capabilities, and send the information your management and executives need. It can help you automate various aspects of human resource management, while reducing the workload on your company and align the employee management objectives with that of your organization

  • Disregard the need for streamlined exchange of recruitment related files at the same time
  • Manage the employee profile through an online portfolio or a portal so that all the things are in one place and in order
  • Control acquisition processes and manage the course offerings through an online portal of your own.
  • Help employees and managers align individual goals to company objectives – and track performance
  • Cut your costs on the evaluation and selection of the candidate
  • Higher employee satisfaction and productivity due to simple and effective management system
  • Reduced total cost of ownership and shorter cycle times.