Span BPO provides cross selling and up-selling services in order to retain and re-sell to existing customers, a new line of products and services. Span’s trained team of BPO professionals strictly monitor and analyse customer databases to identify buying patterns. This process backed by proper research and implementation can help customers generate more revenue.

Our marketing specialists are of the opinion that up-selling and cross selling should be a strictly practices in call centers in order to make sure that new businesses launching new products and services are benefited. The strategy of using cross selling and up-selling is already known to work wonders for existing businesses and advocacy of the same into practice is highly recommended.

With 24/7 outbound calling options and global delivery capability, Span BPO would be your best bet to outsource your telemarketing needs. With cutting-edge technology and trained/ experienced sales professionals at disposal, Span offers the best of both worlds – reduced costs and enhanced business.